Design meets functionality

When it comes to refined, decorative and/or functional metal surfaces, you can rely on us.

Give your products a high-quality look with our DECO PRIME® surfaces and impress your customers with design elements and a quality end product. We offer a variety of designs, be it coloured, high-gloss, matte brushed, clearly structured or stainless steel and copper looks. Functional surface treatments that improve or facilitate the use of aluminium in combination with other materials are also part of our portfolio. These include fire or vapour barriers for furniture and doors, embedded co-extrusion profiles with plastics, pretreatments to improve the adhesion of printing inks, lacquer systems to protect against corrosion, as well as one or two-sided treatment with primers as an adhesive base for composites with other materials, e.g. for HPL/CPL lamination or to produce aluminium/plastic hybrid components.

Thanks to the multitude of possibilities, our products are used for façades & ceilings, furniture laminates, household appliances, signs & name-plates, door handles & profiles, picture frames and more. Beyond that, the sky is the limit. If you have an idea or are looking for a decorative, functional solution, feel free to contact us.

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To learn more about our DECO PRIME® surfaces, please download the "Exterior Applications" booklet.

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To learn more about our DECO PRIME® surfaces, please download the "Interior Applications" booklet

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