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When each reflection counts

In 2003, ALANOD® once again surprised the global market with yet another innovation: MIRO-SILVER®. A layer of purest silver produced in a high vacuum is combined with our reflectivity enhancing layer system to produce a total reflectivity of an incredible 98 %. Light can now be reflected virtually without loss. MIRO-SILVER® is the ideal surface especially for reflector systems with a high number of multiple reflections. Where efficiency is crucial, there is no alternative.

MIRO-SILVER® – reflection at its best.

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In 2003, ALANOD® introduced MIRO-SILVER® with a total reflectivity of 98 % confirming the company’s lead in terms of energy efficiency. Once again, ALANOD® offers a wide range of standard products here with highly reflective surfaces from extra bright to matt. As a basic principle, whatever is possible with MIRO®, can be further improved with MIRO-SILVER® quality.

Does your application require isotropic or anisotropic reflective properties? Would “darklight effect” be better or should the reflector material have an ergonomically inherent luminance? Ask us for advice on the right choice of material.

When energy efficiency is paramount in your strategy, MIRO-SILVER® is your ideal material.

MIRO-SILVER® – reflective properties at their finest.



Miro Silver